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This page contains instruction on how to access our apartments using the combination lock installed on the door.


Instructions for Combination Locks


Unlocking the door:

  1. Press in the code that has been given to you by our office after you input the code the button named Schlage will flash green.
  2. Now turn the lock knob away from the door frame. The door should unlock.
  3. If the Schlage button flashes red, the code was not correct or recognized. Please wait until the red flashing stops so that you may enter the code again. 


Locking the door:


  1. Press the Schlage button. While it is flashing turn the lock knob toward the door frame to lock the door.
  2. When it can turn no further and makes a locking sound.  It is now locked. 


** If you need a code call our office 207-623-2323 **